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Buxvertise Review
« on: September 20, 2017, 06:44:05 AM »
Buxvertise Review: Is Buxvertise Scam, Paying or Legit PTC Site? - Legit
Paying: Elite

What is Buxvertise
Very interesting PTC site from TrafficReturn and SimplyPTP admins.
Wheel Of Bux game (wheel of luck) - you have 1 chance (spin) free every day and you can win for example: 1 month membership, $1 or $5 to purchase balance, 1 day fixed ad, deposit bonus 10% or 25%, points.
Daily Raffle game - you can win around $1 to purchase balance (in Points).
Rented referrals.
BuxGrid game - win up to $3.
Cash Icon - everyone gets a free cash icon and link to it and you need to get people to click your icon. When you reach certain number of clicks you can sell your icon - for up to $50.
Notice: The site does not allow refback. However, we would be very pleased if you can support us by registering under us.
Online since: 19th April 2014
Admin: Drew, Jesse
Skript: EvolutionScript

Buxvertise Guide, Buxvertise Strategy
Click all PTC ads. Do offers on offerwalls. Promote your cash icon. Spin the wheel. You can also rent referrals for higher earnings.

Is Buxvertise Legit PTC Site?
Buxvertise is more than 3 years old reliable PTC site.

Is Buxvertise Paying PTC Site?
Our status Paying: Elite - we have received more than 5 payments from them, more precisely over 11 payments to date.

Is Buxvertise Scam PTC Site?
Buxvertise is paying and is not a scam PTC site.

Is Buxvertise Suspected or are there any Complaints?
No complains about Buxvertise as far as we know

Our Buxvertise Payment proofs
You can find Our Buxvertise Payment proofs here.

Sign up to Buxvertise here:

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