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RothaBux - Trusted admin with 16 years of experience!
« on: May 01, 2018, 11:51:26 AM »
Brand new 2 days old unique PTC site with gaming elf design, which is top design of 33brushes. Admins are trusted with 16 years of experience. The site cost more than 3500 USD.
You can buy RRs and adpacks here and earn from  them.
Adpacks (Revenue Shares) for 200 days instead of 100 and earn 120%, it is set for the stability of the system.
Really many ads! High daily earnings more than $0.07 solely from PTC ads! Here is also the RothaGrid game.
Strategy: The best strategy on this site is to buy adpacks. Fastest earnings, better than RR because you dont need to worry about their clicking, you get stable profit of 120%. Solid site where its worth to buy some adpacks.
No need to invest to cashout!
Online since: 28 Apr 2018. Really do not miss this chance to be at the start of this great project that I believe will last long!
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