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How to join a PTC site as our referral and request refback
« on: December 30, 2013, 04:56:14 PM »
How to join a PTC site as our referral and request refback
You have to be our referral to earn refback

1.) Sign up at BestRefback4U.
If you are already signed up, you can skip step 1 and 2.

2.) Activate your account - Confirm email.

3.) Login to BestRefback4U.

4.) Choose a PTC site you want to join from the list.
Go to Refback Sites in menu.
Choose All (Active) Sites.
Those are all the sites we are offering refback for.

Scroll down to browse the sites and choose the one you like.
OR if you want to find some certain site, you can use the Searchbox on the top of the site (Find PTC / GPT Site you might know: ).

5.) Click on Join Now! at the chosen site (green button on the left)

6.) Click on CLICK HERE TO JOIN.

7.) Sign up at the opened PTC site.
Make sure your referrer is the right one! This is very important!
Always double check if your Referrers username is same as the username specified in the text.

Example: At Clixsense you can see your referrers username here:

Example 2: At Nerdbux you can see your referrers username here:

Dont do anything else during registration
(from clicking on our reflink till the sign up process is done)!
Dont click any ads, dont browse sites etc. You referrer can change during registration if you click on ads or browse other sites! And if you have other referrer, you cant earn refback!!!

You can also check the referrer in your cookies and if the referrer is different, then delete the cookies and THEN click on our reflink again (click on the CLICK HERE TO JOIN again).
Then the referrer should be 100% correct.

Most frequent usernames at PTC sites of our admins:
For admin Lenca: lenca86, lenca89
For admin Iriss: Iriss, Irisss, Racice22, BestAurora4U, BestAurora4U2, BestRefback4U

8.) Activate your account at the PTC site.
Confirm email.

This will be enough in most cases, but sometimes the PTC site requires you to do also the following for you to appear in our downline:
Click at least 1 ad.
Fill in the required data in your profile. (for example Clixsense requires this)

9.) Fill in your username you have at the PTC site to the form at BestRefback4U.

Click on the Participate button and confirm.

This way you have done all the necessary steps to request refback.

10.) Wait till we approve/deny your request.
You can click ads on the PTC site in the meantime, it will be counted to refback.

If we approve your request then its all right and you can go to My Account -> Refback Joined -> Clicks and Earnings and watch your earnings from refback at this PTC site grow.
We have to update the earnings manually so please be patient.

If we deny your request, it means that your username you filled in to the form does not correspond with any referral's username we have in our downline at that PTC site.
So we dont have you in our downline at all or you filled in wrong username.
If you filled in wrong username, contact us, tell us the right username and we will review your request again.

If you have any question, just ask :)
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Re: How to join a PTC site as our referral and request refback
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2014, 01:43:17 PM »
Recommended sites ( TOP 10 )

We recommend mainly these PTC sites from our list of Refback sites (those are legit sites with high earnings - yours, from your referrals and from refback too):

- Neobux - one of the best and most legit PTC sites ever, you can really earn a lot here if you are renting referrals ($2000 per month is really possible after time and without any need to invest), you can win up to $50 in AdPrize game
- Clixsense - another legit site with a Grid game (you can win up to $10)
- CashNHits - videosurf earnings only - $0.06, plus PTC and Videos, cool traffic exchange, payout only $0.6 - reachable in a week
- Cashtream - sister site of CashNhits
- AyuWage - nice earnings, many ads (new ads every 3-10 min)
- LegacyClix - the best from newer sites, high earnings both yours and from your referrals and really high earnings from refback at our site
- Paidverts - click on ads of dollars value! Really high earnings!
- WarOfClicks - ads reset every 5 min! Unlimited daily earnings!
- BeatDek - listen to music and earn! - music PTC site
- Cashons - lower earnings, but the site is legit, it is paying for years
- and more PTC sites marked as Paying (best with yellow, orange or purple star)
- you have to sign up to these sites via our reflink to get refback from these sites (and from the sites below)! You will find it in the list of Refback Sites (according to this guide). You can search for the certain PTC site via the Searchbox on top of our site too.

More legit PTC sites

JillsClickCorner - no that high earnings, but the site is legit and paying
DonkeyMails - PTC and reading emails with high earnings from emails and low payout minimum $1
GPTPlanet - PTC site paying for years
BuxP - really nice earnings, ads reset every hour, we cant give refback for this site but you can join and support us

One-time bonus

EasyHits4U - you get a one-time reward cca $0.05 for sign up and 100 sites surfed (it is a legit traffic exchange, you can advertise your own reflinks there and get referrals for BestRefback4U!)

Legit sites, not verified by us, but verified by other trusted sources:

No-Minimum - PTC and reading emails very similar to Donkeymails (the same owner)
RewardingWays - 0-4x ads of $0.01 value, its more a offers-completing site
DollarSignUp - PTC site with offers similar to RewardingWays, but with more ads (of $0.001 value)
Clicks-fx - kinda good earnings here
PaidToLogin - they pay just for login - you login once a day, you click on the Skip Ad button and you earned $0.001 and thats all, very easy and fast; the payout minimum is low as well - only $0.1 for PayPal and even lower $0.01 for Perfectmoney

The rest of the PTC sites from our list of Refback Sites ale relatively new, so we can not say if they are legit, or we have received a low number of payouts from them. They are in testing. They can pay and they might not pay. You can test them with us. Maybe we will have luck and we will find out a legit site.
Those sites that we have received a payment from are definitely more legit than the fresh-new sites.
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