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My Account - Statistics - Explanation
« on: January 15, 2014, 01:56:54 PM »
Questions and answers for My Account - Statistics section.


What will happen, when the days of Membership valid for x days will expire?
If you have New Member membership:
You will have Standard membership.
You will not have the Additional Refback bonus anymore.
The Minimum Cashout and the Referral Earnings will remain the same.

If you have other membership:
You will have Standard membership.
You will not have the Additional Refback bonus anymore.
The Minimum Cashout will remain the same and the Referral Earnings will go back to the original value of 10%.

So what will happen, when the membership expires?
Nothing important at all, you continue the same way, you just loose the additional bonuses.

The memberships are meant to be additional bonuses for our members - as sign up bonus, bonus for activity etc.
It does not mean that your account would be deleted or somehow restricted, when the membership expires :)

How can I buy a membership?
You can buy a membership for Points in My Account -> Point Trader.
You can also buy a membership for cash in Store - you can pay by PayPal, Payza, Perfectmoney.


Why there is nothing changing? / Why I have still $0.00 ($0.1) there?
It will change after a PTC site you are member of as our referral will pay us and we will approve those earnings for you. Till that time you will only see your earnings at My Account -> Refback Joined -> Earnings in the Unpaid column.
After the PTC site pays us, you have to Claim these earnings - you can do that at My Account -> Refback Joined -> Earnings.
After the PTC site pays us, the approved earnings from that PTC site will appear in the Unclaimed Earnings column and the Claim button will appear too. When you click on the Claim button it will move to the Earned (Paid to your Account) column and also to the My Account -> Statistics -> Balance.


Do I have to make a screenshot everytime you approve my earnings from some PTC site to my account?
No, if we get a payment from any PTC site which we approve to your account, you dont need to make any picture.
That refers only to the situation when you request your payment from our refback site to a payment processor (the cashout minimum is $1.5), you will receive the payment and then you have to make the screenshot of your payment and upload this screenshot (called payment proof) to our site.


How can I get Points?

You can get points by signing up to the PTC sites from our list. You get 50 Points for every sign up.
You also get 1 Point every day when you login as a Daily Login Bonus!
It will be possible to get points also by completing offers in future (coming soon).

What can I do with these points?
You can buy a membership or ad credits for it in Point Trader.
The membership will give you additional refback - higher earnings from refback.
You can buy Partner Points membership ( + 10% additional refback) for 500 Points. So sign up to 10 PTC sites under us to be able to buy this membership.


How can I get Coins?
You can earn them at OfferWalls - for example by viewing ads (PTCWall).

You dont get exactly Coins for completing offers, but various kinds of special Coins:
You get PTCWall Coins for completing offers at PTCWall.
You get Matomy Coins for completing offers at Matomy.

Every time when the offerwalls provider pays us we transfer the special Coins to Coins and then you can exchange them to Cash.

What can I do with them?
You can exchange them to cash.
The exchange rate is 10 000 Coins = $1.

Featured Banners and Featured Ads

What is that for?
That is for your own advertising on our site. You can place for example a banner or a text ad to our site.
You can do that under My Account ->Manage Ads.
For example: Click on Create New Featured Banner.
Add there a link and a banner link, save.
Add credits to this banner ad in the list of your banner ads by clicking on Add Credits.
Your banner will be displayed on our site till it will have credits in it.
Our members usually ad this type of ads: reflinks for other PTC sites, links for their e-shops, blogs, sites about earning money etc.

Where can I get the credits?
You get credits for signing up to the PTC sites from our list and you can buy them in Point Trader for points too.
You can also buy the credits for cash in our Store - you can pay via PayPal, Payza, Perfectmoney.
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