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Contest: win Partner Points membership on our refback site BestRefback4U!

We like to reward our active members and therefore we have prepared this contest for you!

Every month the first 3 members who place in the TOP Players list on our games site BestGames4U, will get the Partner Points membership for a month on our refback site BestRefback4U for free!

You get points for playing games, writing comments, reporting broken games, acquiring the highest score, posting posts on forum, rating games, referring other members, submitting a game.

How many points are for what:
- playing a game: 2
- writing a comment: 10
- reporting broken game: 2
- acquiring the highest score: 7
- posting a post on forum: 5
- rating a game: 5
- referring other member: 20
- submitting a game: 20
- posting a topic on forum: 7
You can get points for playing games every 2 minutes.

You have to get at least 2000 points per month to qualify.

Rules for posting comments:
No spam, write your impressions of the game or feedback for the game.
Rules for posting posts on forum:
No spam, no ads, no reflinks etc. Post only relative posts to the games topic and our games site.
You can write also for example about what type of games you would like us to add to our site or even certain games.
The games site BestGames4U has its own forum and only there are the points for posts counted!

Rules for rating:
Rate only those games you played.
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