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What is BestRefback4U? 

BestRefback4U is a refback site.

We offer a percent of refback for every click you made as our referral on other GPT sites.
This way you dont earn only at the GPT site you are clicking at but here too.
Join some of the sites we are offering a refback at and earn a lot more for your clicking.
Start by choosing a site in the list and join it by clicking on Join Now! button.
The more sites you join, the faster you will be earning money here.

Do I have to pay for joining this site?

No, its free.

What is refback?

When you register to other GPT sites as our referral and you are clicking there, you earn money for us too. We will give you a certain % of money back to your account at BestRefback4U. That is called refback.
Basically, we will divide the earnings you earn for us at that GPT site.

Why should I want to get refback?

If you join as our referral you will get extra money.

If you register under noone or under some unknown person, you will get nothing extra.
If you join our refback program, you do not need to do anything else than you are already doing (just keep clicking at GPT sites like you are used to) but you will be earning much more!
You will be earning on the GPT sites and also here! For one clicking you get paid two times!

The more GPT sites you join as our referral, the faster will be your earning here.

Where can I see how much I have earned at BestRefback4U?

Login, go to My Account -> Refback Joined. Click on the Clicks and Earnings tab. There you see what sites you have joined and what are your earnings.

Why I dont see any earnings? Why the earnings dont go up even when Im clicking on that GPT site?

We are updating the stats everytime when we get payout from the GPT site.
Sometimes we are updating it even inbetween the payouts.

We have to update the stats manually.
We ask for understanding - it is not possible to update the stats every day for each of our referrals at every GPT site we have in the list.

We are updating the stats as often as we can.

Thank you for understanding.

Where can I find my earnings in the table? How the system works?

Your earnings are displayed in the Value (Refback Amount) column.
Total means the total earnings (total refback) you have made from this site.
Unpaid means the amount that wasnt paid to your account yet (we havent received payout from the site yet). After we receive the payout, we will update the stats, and your earnings will move to the Unclaimed Earnings column.
The button Claim! will appear. You have to click on it in order to receive your earnings to your account at BestRefback4U.
After you click on it, the amount will move to the Earned column and will be added to your account at BestRefback4U.

What is the payout minimum?
Payout minimum is $1.5.

What payment methods do you support?

Currently, we support PayPal and Payza.

I didnt find my answer here. What to do?

Please submit a ticket where you describe your issue in detail.

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