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PaidToLogin - how to earn nice money
« on: May 15, 2014, 01:31:50 PM »
PaidToLogin is a unique earning system. You are paid just for login daily!
You can earn $1770 monthly or even more, the earnings here are not limited!
Its completely free!

Sign up here:

They pay $0.001 for each login.
Right, its not much but I will tell you how you can earn a lot of money daily!

The key to nice earnings are referrals!
This site has 10 referral lines! You get 10% from all referrals in all 10 lines!
That means you earn money from every referral in all your 10 lines!
So you refer some people, they refer some people and so on and you earn from all of them!

Example 1: everyone refer just 3 people, which is easily achievable:

LineNumber of referralsYour earnings in $
Line 130.0003
Line 290.0009
Line 3270.0027
Line 4810.0081
Line 52430.0243
Line 67290.0729
Line 721870.2187
Line 865610.6561
Line 9196831.9683
Line 10590495.9049

So you earn almost 9 dollars every day if you and your referrals refer just 3 people each!
9 dollars for only 5s of your time daily when you just login, nothing more!

Example 2: you refer 20 people and your referrals refer again 3 people each, which is still achievable:

LineNumber of referralsYour earnings in $
Line 1200.0020
Line 2600.0060
Line 31800.0180
Line 45400.0540
Line 516200.1620
Line 648600.4860
Line 7145801.4580
Line 8437404.3740
Line 913122013.1220
Line 1039366039.3660

So you earn 59 dollars every day if you refer 20 people and your referrals refer just 3 people each!
That is 1770 dollars monthly!

Now imagine if you or your referrals refer more people than just 3! Your earnings will grow exponentially!
Your earnings are not limited because the number of referrals a member can have is also not limited!

So refer people, tell your referrals to refer at least 3 people and to tell their referrals to refer also at least 3 people, you can even show them this guide (you can link it, but do not copy it!).

Help your referrals to get their own referrals. You wont loose anything, it does not matter if the referrals are yours or your referrals', you earn the same money from all your referrals. The thing that matters is that everyone (you and your referrals) can earn good money. You will also motivate your referrals to get more referrals and to stay active, and you will earn more and more this way. Because if you help them in the beginning they will more likely continue to be active and trying to get more referrals, that means more earnings for you too.

Earning Units
You can also convert your earnings into Earning Units. 1 Earning Unit costs only $0.01 and earns $0.00001 for you every day you login. The main advantage is that you can sell these units anytime and withdraw all your earnings without any loss.
So its recommended to convert your earnings into Earning Units so you earn more for login daily and when you want to withdraw your money you can sell the units and then you can withdraw all earned money.

You can also buy Earning Units via PM or STP. 1000 units for $10 will earn you $0.3 monthly. Do not forget you can withdraw the $10 anytime you want.

You can buy and sell Earning Units via Upgrade button.

Payout minimum is only $0.01 for PM, $0.1 for PayPal, $1 for Payza.
The site is trusted and is paying for more than 3 years!
You will receive your payment in a week.
You can request your payment via My Settings button.

Sign up here:

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